Apache LDAP vhost driver

New maintainer:
This is the new location of the Apache LDAP vhost driver written by Brian Ferris. On July 3, 2007 I took over this project. This page will have to stay untill I have had time to make a new one...
/Turbo Fredriksson, New Maintainer for the Apache LDAP vhost driver

Unfortunatly, the mailinglist and the bugreport system isn't availible for the time being.
(I lost my co-location for my servers and I've currently squised in the most essentials (my mail :) on my home server which doesn't have as good 'Net access as one could/would hope :)

Mailing list

A mailing list is now availible for discussions and announcements related to this driver and other issues related to it. To join the list, send a mail to mod_ldapcfg-subscribe@lists.bayour.com. To subscribe to the CVS commit list, send a mail to cvs-mod_ldapcfg-subscribe@lists.bayour.com. Both lists are relative low-traffic lists.

CVS Repository

But I made the source code (version 1.0-9 made 20080528) availible here. This is the current checkout from CVS, so it's the latest there is...
This release (1.0-9) should fix the segfaults quite a number of people have reported! Thanx to Sebastien Cramatte at Zen Soluciones for the sandbox to play with! The problem was quite embarassing, so I'm not going to talk about this any more! :)

With the new maintainence, there is now a CVS repository and the CVS repository can be viewed over the web at the URL https://cvs.bayour.com/cgi-bin/cvsweb/mod_ldap_cfg/. To checkout the 1.0 version (unchanged from the 1.0 release done by Brian Ferris), execute the following two commands after each other (just press the ENTER key when asked for a password):

        cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.bayour.com:/var/lib/cvs login
        cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.bayour.com:/var/lib/cvs co -rUPSTREAM_1_0 modldapcfg
To retreive the latest CVS version, which have quite a number of changes compared to the initial version released by Brian, check out the CVS branch HEAD (replace UPSTREAM_1_0 with HEAD). The primary changes so far is: Lot's of Apache 2.x API changes...

Bug report system

With the new maintainence, there is now also a bug report system at my bugtracker (project mod_ldap_cfg).


A schema called mod_ldap_cfg is used. A simple LDIF that uses this is also availible. I can also show you a more complex LDIF. This is a modified version of my primary webservers LDIF (I've just changed the names to protect the innocent :). I've also removed about ten virtual hosts - to much work 'cleaning' the LDIF. Hopfully you'll get the picture anyway :).
Btw, phpQLAdmin (my ISP management tool) supports this schema perfectly (I'm using it live on my own machines - the only way I'm currently adding/deleting and modifying Apache virtual hosts).

Apache config

To setup Apache to use this module, the vhosts.conf is used. This must be included from the httpd.conf file.

Debian GNU/Linux packages

The latest version (as of 20080528) can be found as Deb packages for Apache 2 (compiled on Debian GNU/Linux Lenny).